Lake Billy Chinook prepares for eclipse

Big crowds expected, so everyone getting ready

Lake Billy Chinook prepares for the eclipse

CULVER, Ore. - Lake Billy Chinook is expected to be a popular place to view the eclipse, so authorities and a resort are preparing as best they can.

The Cove Palisades Resort and Marina is getting ready to welcome an influx of people for the eclipse weekend and the day of the eclipse.

Clay Gibson, a manager at the resort, said Wednesday he expects all hands on deck the when the eclipse rolls in to keep up with increased demand at the resort.

“More staff, the parking lot is going to be monitored, more monitored, just with all of the confusion going on and everybody trying to park down here,” Gibson said. “Just have as many people as we can out here to just talk to boats, and get boats serviced.”

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Marine Patrol will be enhanced for the event, along with three to four boats out patrolling the lake.

The sheriff's office and Cove Palisades are prepared for a huge amount of people to hit the lake, but they have not seen an event of this magnitude in recent years, so it is hard to determine just how many people will be out on the lake. 

“I mean there’s no real way, we’ve never had this before, so we’re just going to have to improvise on the spot,” Gibson said. “Just get it done, and yeah, just be ready.”

The boats available for rent at Cove Palisades have already been rented for the eclipse.

Everyone involved is hoping for a safe and fun event, as Cove Palisades hopes to educate boaters as much as possible about the dangers of the waters before they head out.

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