La Pine city manager moving on to next endeavor

Many goals still left on Steve Hasson's agenda

La Pine City Manager resigning for next adventure

La PINE, Ore. - Just a little over a year ago, La Pine hired Steve Hasson as its first city manager.

But now he's leaving for another adventure.

Hasson told his staff about his resignation last week: He'll be going to Portland to take care of a farm his wife inherited.

He'll stay for about another month, though, and that's because Hasson says he still has a few tasks to finish up before he leaves.

"We've planted some fruit trees here, and we are going to do these random acts of beautification as one of the many strategies we have," Hasson said back in November, discussing his efforts to spruce up the city's image.

"I've done a lot here last year to improve the community, to poise it, to establish a good foundation," Hasson said Wednesday.

Among the many accomplishments Hasson is proud of: He helped the city assume sewer and water operations,and also helped transfer land use authority from the county and get grants for sidewalks to boost economic development.

"One of the things when I came here was, there's a tremendous amount of need but there's not a lot of money in the budget," Hasson said.

He said the city received $1 million last year that it can use for any number of things.

"It will be very beneficial to this community," Hasson said.

In his last days on the job, Hasson will advise the budget committee on its budget, finalize several contracts and engage the community on its development.

"I've truly had a good time here," Hasson said. "My dad was a military officer. He told me occasionally, you get a good tour of duty. I would like to think being here in La Pine has been a good tour of duty."

City staff say they have appreciated the work he's done.

"He's had a tremendous impact," said Patti Morgan, administrative assistant. "His planning and background has been really something the city has needed, and he's worked with a number of groups in the city and various action committees. And he's done a really great job."

And while his successor has not been chosen, Hasson wants to assure the community he's leaving them in good hands.

"As I stroll out the door, I can look anybody in the eye and say this place is running smoothly, on track, on budget, and we know what we do -- we have a good vision for this community."

So what's next for Hasson, besides taking care of the farm? Hasson would like to teach at Portland State University. He's currently in the process of getting a Ph.D. -- and he's also writing a mystery novel.

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