KidRunner: Reinventing Running and Exploring With Kids

Written By: William Warne

We are reinventing running and exploring with kids. And the Bend community of runners is part of our vision; a high performance running machine for hands/arms free running with kids from 6 months to about 4 years old. The current prototype is 70% complete and has run hundreds of miles on roads, trails, beaches and snow/ice. It weighs 30% less than traditional push strollers, fits in a backpack and is designed for safety, beauty and agility. We want your feedback, ideas and experiences running with kids and traditional push strollers.

It all started four years ago when my daughter was six months old. My wife and I were avid runners but immediately discovered that pushing an awkward, traditional stroller was miserable. We stopped running together so we could trade off and avoid pushing. When we did push, we ran less and felt worse. Our shoulders hurt, we got a poor workout and we were limited to paved roads only. So I started drawing new ideas for a better way to run with kids. KidRunner was born! Several prototypes and two patents later, we are getting closer to reinventing running and exploring with kids. 

Our next steps are to keep testing, to get more community feedback/experiences, to build a new generation prototype and to seek funding for a go-to-market product launch in 2014. Join Us! Lead the Way with your experiences and ideas about improving running and exploring with kids. Help make Central Oregon the place it all started.


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