Just in time for eclipse, TripCheck 'speed map' goes statewide

ODOT color-coded map was limited to Portland area

SALEM, Ore. - In an update to Oregon’s traffic and road conditions website, TripCheck, motorists can now see how fast (or slow) traffic is moving on nearly all roads across Oregon. Previously, this feature was only available in the Portland metro area and was called the Portland Speed Map.

Now, a new statewide layer of data is using near real-time traffic congestion information to reflect movement on roadways throughout Oregon. ODOT has partnered with Esri/ HERE to provide the traffic data.

When you visit, simply zoom in to see the traffic flow on the various roads. Traffic is displayed as a percentage of free-flow speeds (frequently the speed limit or more practically, how fast cars tend to travel when unencumbered by other vehicles). The streets are color-coded as follows:

  • Green (fast): 85 - 100% of free-flow speeds
  • Yellow (moderate): 65 - 85%
  • Orange (slow): 45 - 65%
  • Red (stop and go): 0 - 45%

When you are on the website, to see what the colors mean, click on the Live Traffic drop down menu on the left. There, you’ll also see another significant enhancement to TripCheck: the interactive map legend. The map layer controls are now integrated with the legend, simplifying the layout and providing a cleaner mobile experience. You can click on layers such as Waze Traffic to add or remove information.

TripCheck will receive another update later this year with a freshened interface for searching text reports. This update will allow users to create custom queries to search for incidents, weather, cameras and more based on their criteria.

KTVZ.COM also features a TripCheck page for the convenience of our visitors.

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