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What's that crop? New Jefferson Co. signs tell you

'Ag literacy' program launched before harvest season

MADRAS, Ore. - A crop sign and website project to inform travelers to Jefferson County and locals about what's growing where has just been completed, officials said Friday.

At the 2013 Farm Fair, the Jefferson County Seed Council voted to support costs (up to $3500) associated with a crop sign and website project in cooperation with Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center.

The project includes the placement of 24 crop signs along high-traffic areas of Highways 26 and 97, on the route to Trout Creek and in the Culver area.

The signs are 48 by 16 inches and are constructed from highly durable Dibond with sturdy frames, allowing them to be moved from year to year.

Each sign is printed on both sides with the crop name, website name (, a QR code (to allow smartphone scanning) leading viewers to the website and a quote regarding the economic value of agriculture in Central Oregon.

The signs direct viewers to the new JeffCoSeed website, which presents picture-rich information about a variety of crops grown in Central Oregon. 

In addition, the site includes pages offering information about the history of agriculture in Central Oregon, the importance of burning and smoke management, and testimonials by local, multi-generational farmers and their families.

There also will be a Farm Fair page, allowing for reduced printing and mailing for vendor sign-ups.  The website allows the Seed Council to communicate and get vital information and updates out to the local community and to those traveling through the area.

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