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Culver school leaders hope third time's the charm

Reduced bond measure back on November ballot

Culver schools making third pitch for money measure

CULVER, Ore. - A $14.5 million bond request in 2011 was voted down. A $9.75 million bond measure in May was a no-go.

Hoping the third time's a charm, the Culver School District is asking for an $8.8 million bond in  the Nov. 5 election.

"This one really focuses on systems, space and safety," Superintendent Stefanie Garber said Tuesday.

Systems and safety includes $3 million to improve security and outdated heating and electrical systems.

"There are nine entries into the middle school, and only one is visible by the main office," Garber said. "So in this day and age, that's not okay, and we can't provide adequate heat or ventilation or those sorts of things."

The space aspect would incorporate more than $4.5 million in remodeling and new construction.

"Adding classrooms to our middle school and high school, and two wings at the elementary are past their useful life," Garber added.

Finally, the bond would pay off half of a $1.9 million debt for a piece of land the district bought back in 2008.

It's that last component that voters like Robert Tinnin, who has lived in Culver for more than 20 years, say is the reason people are saying no.

"They bought over $1 million piece of property for expansion that they, in my opinion, didn't need," Tinnin said.

So if the bond doesn't pass again? Garber says they'll keep pushing, but the district's 645 students will suffer.

"Kids will have cold classrooms, and we will not be able to increase technology because of the wiring," she said. "The electrical capacity is not here. It is our great hope that the community will support their children."

The new bond means taxpayers would pay $2.59 per $1,000 of assessed property value.

To register to vote, head to

If you have any questions about the Culver school bond measure, call the superintendent at 541-546-2541.

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