Humane Socety urges: Keep pets safe in windy weather

BEND, Ore. - The Humane Society of Central Oregon would like to offer some pet safety tips for the high winds expected in Central Oregon over the next few days. 

The Bend animal shelter said it is receiving calls about fences being blown over and pets escaping yards. Check and secure all fences and keep your pets inside the home. If you have lost a dog report it to the Humane Society of Central Oregon or your local shelter.

Wind gusts and flying objects can frighten or injure pets.  Take precautions to keep your companion animals safe and secure.  Dogs and cats may run away when fences blow down. Pets may get disoriented and scared when objects fall or fly in the wind or the sound of a big gust frightens them. Safeguard your dog by securing them to a leash when taking them outside.

The Humane Society of Central Oregon offers these preventative tips during stormy weather:

•   Bring your pet inside during the storm and watch them when let outside.

•   Take your dog out on a leash to ensure they are safe and secure.

•   Check all fencing and lock all gates.

•   If your pet must be kept outside:

-Provide a dry, elevated dog house with clean dry bedding and a flap over the opening to keep drafts out. A doghouse should allow your dog to comfortably sit and lay down but small enough to hold in its body heat.

•   Make sure a cat has not crawled under your car seeking shelter and warmth near the engine. Tap on hood before starting the engine.

•   Large Animals need care too:

                -Provide a wind break and/or shelter for horses and livestock to block wind and rain

                -Make sure horses and other livestock have clean, dry bedding. 

If your pet becomes lost or you have found a pet, call the Humane Society of Central Oregon at 541 382-3537 or your local animal shelter to report it.  The Humane Society wants to safely and quickly return a lost animal with its family.  For more information, call 541 382-3537 or visit to view our strays page.

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