Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) was in support Thursday as the U.S. House passed the "Save American Workers Act" to repeal the Affordable Care Act’s 30-hour definition of “full time” employment and restore the traditional 40-hour work week.

Walden is a co-sponsor of the bill, which passed by a vote of 248-179.

Today, the House acted to protect workers in Oregon and nationwide from another problem with the health care law: the 30-hour work week," Walden said in a statement.

"Buried in this 906 page law is a mandate on employers to provide insurance to those who are full-time workers. I’ve owned a small business in Oregon with my wife since 1986. To me — and probably you — full time means 40-hour work weeks.  To those who wrote this law, it means a 30-hour work week,” Walden said.

“As a result, small and large employers are cutting back the hours of workers to just less than 30 a week to avoid this costly mandate. 

"A drop of 10 work hours a week is a big, 25 percent hit in pay.  A father in Grants Pass wrote to me explaining that his daughter — a single mother — had her hours cut back and could no longer afford to live on her own and moved back home.

"I’ve heard similar stories from Oregonians all throughout the district — including Medford, Bend, and Prineville. That’s why the House passed a bill today that says a full time worker is one who works 40 hours a week, not 30. This important change will help workers like that mom in Grants Pass.” 

According to the Hoover Institution, 2.6 million Americans earning less than $30,000 per year are at risk of having their wages and hours cut as a result of this definition. Investor’s Business Daily has kept a running tally of more than 400 employers nationwide who have already cut hours because of Obamacare.

For more information on the Save American Workers Act, please click here.