Owner claims horse found near Redmond

Was one of 15-20 freed when someone cut a fence

POSTED: 11:09 PM PST December 27, 2013    UPDATED: 12:00 AM PST December 30, 2013 
Redmond found horse Gwyn

A horse found wandering Friday on BLM land southeast of Redmond Airport was claimed by his owner Sunday, Deschutes County sheriff's deputies said.

The horse, nicknamed "Gwyn" by the sheriff's office, actually is named "Bourbon," according to Cpl. Neil Mackey, who said he was part of a herd on a BLM allotment.

Apparently, someone cut some of the fences, and Bourbon's owners had been out looking for several days to round up the 15 to 20 horses that got out.

Mackey also said that there were no indications the horse had been neglected or mistreated, as "he is a naturally lean horse from being used on a regular basis, with very good muscle tone."

While people with missing dogs or cats call local shelters, Mackey said it would be appreciated if those who have missing stock animals call law enforcement, to make sure they are aware and on the lookout, as well as knowing who to contact if they are found.

Deputies had said the horse, which they nicknamed “Gwyn,” was very well-trained, had been trailered in the past, was easy to handle and had an excellent demeanor.