Half-priced yard debris disposal coming up

By KTVZ.COM news sources
POSTED: 6:53 PM PDT September 12, 2013 
BEND, Ore. -

From October 28th through November 9th (closed Sunday November 3rd) local residents are encouraged to define their defensible space by taking advantage of the half price yard debris days. Residents can recycle their yard debris at Deschutes Recycling for HALF PRICE – only $2.00 per cubic yard.

FireFree encourages residents to complete their fall clean up and maintenance of defensible space by bringing branches, leaves, shrubs and pine needles to Deschutes Recycling during this event.

FireFree reminds you to take a look around your property in the “home ignition zone” where glowing embers can ignite spot fires and vulnerable areas like decks, patios and fences that can spread flames to your home. Where are your most vulnerable places for glowing embers to ignite your home?


Visit the FireFree website at www.firefree.org for more information about how you can prepare your property for wildfire season.