Growing Whitewater Fire prompts more closures

'Poses risk to firefighters and public safety'

DETROIT, Ore. - The Whitewater Fire has grown to 5,421 acres and poses a risk to firefighters and public safety, officials said Saturday night as they expanded the closure area around the blaze.   

A formal area closure that took effect Saturday encompasses previously closed trails and roads on the Willamette National Forest, as well as the portion of the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness on the Deschutes National Forest. 

General Description

The area closure is located east of the town of Detroit, and includes a large portion of the Mt Jefferson Wilderness, down to the Marion Lake Trail.  The closure also affects areas of the Willamette National Forest lands and private lands.  Individuals who have private lands within the closure, or leased lands, will be allowed to enter as long as it is safe to do so.  For specific land closures, see the area closure order and map. 

Trailheads Closed

The following trailheads are within the closure area:

Willamette National Forest Trailheads:


Deschutes National Forest Trailheads:


Bingham Ridge

Bear Valley/Rockpile Lake

Minto Mountain (not Lake)

Cabot Lake

Pamelia Lake

Jefferson Lake

Woodpecker Ridge

Brush Creek

Whitewater Creek


Cheat Creek


Triangulation Peak


Leone Lake


South Breitenbush


Crown Lake



PCT Through Hikers

Approximately 30 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail will be inaccessible from Minto Pass northward to Breitenbush Lake.  Pacific Crest Trail through-hikers traveling north have the option to hike along the PCT to the Marion Lake Trail and exit to the west, picking up the trail again at Breitenbush Lake, or exit at Santiam Pass, south of the Marion Lake Trail.   Southbound hikers will be required to exit at Breitenbush Lake and can enter the PCT again from the Marion Lake Trail or Santiam Pass.

Amphibious "scooper planes" are working on the west end of the lake to drop water on the flames. Officials said that can lead to intermittent closures of that part of the lake to recreational traffic.

For a link to the area closure order and map in Inciweb:

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