Goodwill program helps Redmond man find work

'I'm back in the swing of things again'

POSTED: 7:00 PM PDT May 22, 2013 

Mike Kennedy, 51, has called Redmond home for nearly four decades. For 25 years, he worked for a local cable manufacturing plant.

But In 2007, an on-the-job injury left him unemployed,  without a source of income.

"It was a pretty bad experience, just being out of work after that for four years and looking through the whole time," said Kennedy, 51.
Kennedy is now employed as a full-time janitor, and it was Goodwill who came to the rescue. The Job Connect Program helps anyone with inability to find work navigate their way in this economy.

Kennedy's success is a mark of pride for the organization.

"It's much better if we train you to be your best marketer and make those calls and show off your skills and land that position," said Goodwill spokeswoman Dale Emanuel.

In 2012, Goodwill's Job Connection helped serve more than 1,200 Central Oregonians. Out of those, the organization found jobs for 716 people.

"I know men that get tears in their eyes, because they are so thankful, so we are just so thankful for our donors and shoppers," Emanuel said.

Kennedy says his motto is simple.

"I try my best (to) keep everyone happy," he said.

His boss at the Wells Fargo bank in Redmond is happy, and couldn't ask for a harder worker.

"We are absolutely excited to have Mike here," said Jeff McVay, market manager at Wells Fargo. "He literally does the work of two men, and he's always smiling, always excited to do it."

After losing a job, searching for one, finding it and working hard seven days a week, Kennedy says things are finally looking up.

"I just bought a car about a month ago, so I'm back into the swing of things again," he said.

For more information on the Goodwill Job Connection Program call toll-free 1-877-676-5872  or visit