'Get out of our town' graffiti mars Pilot Butte summit

Worst such offense state park ranger can recall

BEND, Ore. - Visitors to Bend’s Pilot Butte Monday morning were met with a message of hate, apparently aimed at tourists, new arrivals or both.

Someone spray-painted "Get out of our town" across the summit viewing area of the popular tourist attraction.

The state park's bathroom and roadway also were vandalized with paint. The graffiti was not there Sunday, park visitors said.

A Pilot Butte State Park ranger told NewsChannel 21 he hasn't seen this level of vandalism before at the park and its nearly 500-foot-tall cinder cone butte, a landmark on Bend’s Eastside. 

A.J. Kato is following this story and will have a live report on NewsChannel 21 at 4, 5 and 6 p.m.  

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