Freezing rain ices Portland area, Columbia Gorge roads

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Freezing rain caused many crashes in the Portland area, including a big wreck on Interstate 5 that took hours to untangle, an accident on Interstate 84 that sent a semi down an embankment and a pileup of semis near Troutdale.

No serious injuries resulted from the early Friday crash on I-5 near Capitol Highway that involved more than two dozen cars and trucks.

In the I-84 crash, the Corbett Fire Department says the semi went down a 50-foot embankment toward the Columbia River. Crews used a rope system to rescue the driver and passenger, who had minor injuries.

The precipitation began early Friday, bringing snow to the Cascades and much of the Columbia River Gorge. Meanwhile, a sheet of ice developed on Portland-area roads.

The conditions slowed buses, streetcars and light-rail trains. Some flights at Portland International Airport were delayed or canceled.

Forecasts call for the temperature in Portland to hit 40 degrees by late Friday and stay there Saturday.

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