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Jefferson County closing outdoor burning June 2

CULVER, Ore. - Fire chiefs from Jefferson County fire departments including Crooked River Ranch Fire and Rescue, Jefferson County Fire District # 1, and Lake Chinook Fire and Rescue have agreed that each fire district jurisdiction will no longer allow outdoor burning of debris as of midnight Sunday, June 2.

That's also the day Deschutes County no longer will allow outdoor debris burns.

"By coordinating the date for the close of burning among all fire agencies, there is no confusion across the county regarding the regulation" says Chief Colfels. "This year, vegetation has dried out early due to windy conditions, and the lack of rain. The days are getting warmer, fuels are drying out and the potential for escaped debris burns to become a wildfire is greatly increased."

Each fire district will continue to monitor the weather and fuel moisture levels on a daily basis. If significant rains occur between now and the date of the closure, it may be deferred.

The Jefferson County fire chiefs would like to caution everyone to be careful with campfires. Be sure campfires and warming fires are completely extinguished. Also, residents should be aware that operating tools and equipment that can throw sparks and ignite nearby brush and grass can cause a wildfire.  

"Work on your defensible space over the next couple weekends. Keep grass and weeds cut low and prepare your home for wildfire," recommends Chief Colfels.

Residents are strongly encouraged to contact their local fire protection agencies for additional burning information and specifics regarding any regulations on the use of chain saws, warming fires, barbeques or ATVs.

For more information about preparing your home for wildfires, please visit

Jefferson County Fire District #1

Crooked River Ranch Fire and Rescue

Lake Chinook Fire and Rescue

For more information, contact Chief Don Colfels at 541-771-0992 or email at

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