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Firefighter's dramatic video takes you to lines

Crews working long hours to stop the blaze

Firefighters share amazing video from the fire lines

BEND, Ore. - As the Pole Creek Fire continues to burn, were getting a much different view. Fire information officers released new video Thursday of a burn-out operation on Three Creeks Road.

John Nokes, a firefighter on the lines, captured the moments as flames shot into the night sky Tuesday.

The video gives more insight into what firefighters are up against as they fight the flames.

"They love it," Fire Information Officer Kristen Bowles said Thursday. "That's the reason why they love to be out there, on the ground fighting the fire."

Every morning, the day shift wakes up around 5 a.m., get their breakfast, pack what they need and are on the fire lines by 7 a.m.

"When you are out on the line, the crew boss is watching their crew members," said Bowles. "They are going to mitigate if there is some fatigue. So if somebody needs to go take a 10 minute break, get out of the smoke, rotate them out of the smoke."

For 14 days straight, a crew will spend 14 to 16 hours a day building line and fighting fire. That could even be extended to 21 days, but after that, they are mandated by the government to take several days off.

"It can be tiring, especially when you start hitting that Day 13, Day 14," said Bowles.

Thanks to advancing technology, video from the fire lines is more prevalent than ever. Firefighters come back to camp excited to share what they've captured.

"We get aerial photos as well, from our air attack that's up flying," Bowles said. "He'll send them to use as he's flying over the fire. so they are pretty real-time."

It's grueling work, but sights like the ones captured Tuesday night, and the adrenaline rush of facing Mother Nature's power, make it all worth it in the end.

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