For those wishing to visit the Camp Sherman area and enjoy the Metolius River, businesses are open and look forward to serving all your recreational needs. Six popular campgrounds remain open along the Metolius River, but three campgrounds are closed: Lower Bridge, Allen Springs and Pioneer Ford.

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With the Green Ridge flames moving east and away from Camp Sherman, those who live in the popular tourist spot say they want to get the word out: They are open for business.

"It is a part of life in this area," Camp Sherman Store owner Roger White said of the late-summer wildfires. "It kind of just depends on where you live and what the natural event is. If you live in Hawaii, you are worried about tsunamis."

White has owned the store for 18 years, and just about every summer, a wildfire sparks in the area -- the biggest the B&B Complex a decade ago that headed off a presidential visit (he stopped in Redmond instead.)

White noted that around Camp Sherman, there is several thousand acres of fire break.

"The silver lining to everyone of these fires is there is that much more fire break that will really stop fires from racing around," White said.

Several miles from the small community, the roar of six helicopters filled the air. They lifted thousands of gallons of water from the Metolius River up the ridge to try and cool hot spots. Witnesses said the fire went over the crest of the ridge Wednesday morning.

"They have us at a far enough distance," Camp Sherman resident Emily Jendzejec said. "Just from the occasional helicopter and smoke, things seem to be relatively safe from where we are."

Jendezejec was also one of the 100 people who attended a community meeting Monday night.

"They told us it started from lightning and they were on it," Jendezejec said. "They seemed really calm, and that gave me a reason to be calm and safe."

As the aerial assault continued Tuesday night, there was one message businesses in Camp Sherman want out: They're open.

"The river is fishing good, the scenery is great, the weather is beautiful, the ice is cold -- and so is the beer," White said.