FEMA grants $464K for Redmond schools' snow removal

Funding comes on heels of grant to Bend-La Pine

WASHINGTON - Oregon Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley announced Tuesday that the Redmond School District will receive more than $464,000 in federal funding to reimburse the Central Oregon district for snow removal costs incurred during heavy snowfall in January 2017.

The $464,648 Federal Emergency Management Agency grant for removing snow from the roofs of Redmond school buildings comes in the wake of a similar grant announced last week for the Bend-La Pine Schools.

“I am gratified this federal assistance is heading to Redmond schools so the district can be reimbursed for unexpected snow expenses,” Wyden said. “Ensuring local resources are not forced to be spent outside the classroom is a must for students, teachers and staff to have every opportunity at educational excellence.”

“These much-needed funds will help Redmond recoup some of the costs of last winter’s snowstorms,” Merkley said. “Our schools can’t budget for surprise weather events, and our students shouldn’t suffer when they strike. I will continue to fight for the resources our communities need to recover.”


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