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The Crux of Oregon Farmland

The extraordinary lifestyle of the farm and ranch community in Oregon is as diverse as our climate, landscape and terrain. The Oregon Coast is of course a notable fair for outstanding Pacific coast seafood but here you will also find dairy farms helping in the production of some world famous cheese.

Moving into the Willamette Valley which offers an array of crops - over 200, many fruit and berry farms exist. Wineries are rich in the production of some of the best Pinot Gris, Rieslings and Pinot Noirs anywhere. Here organically raised livestock is used locally in restaurants and sold in local stores. You can find an abundance of locally grown produce sold at farmers' markets that dot the historic towns throughout this region. A heritage of mills, orchards, farms and vineyards can be found in the southernmost part of western Oregon while the Southeast dominates the livestock industry with ranches totaling many thousands of acres. At the crux of Oregon farm land one will find themselves nestled in the majestic setting and stunning landscapes of Central Oregon. Central Oregon is unlike any other region of Oregon. Boasting over 300 days of sunshine a year, pristine wilderness, amazing trail riding, endless outdoor activities……a place where you could find a cattle ranch surrounded by the stunning Cascade Mountain Range, lush pastures and the river canyon all with a river running through. Central Oregon has some of the most unique opportunities when it comes to purchasing farms and land. Every farm and ranch has a unique story whether it be an equestrian property or hay and seed property which are prominent in this beautiful part of the state.

Extraordinary living on the land of Central Oregon could be living the rural lifestyle, having room to breathe and property to roam. It could be a place to raise your families or to pursue the dream of raising horses, cattle or llamas or the increasingly popular Alpacas. In Central Oregon we have land and temperatures ripe for gardening, organic growing and we have a team of experts to help you explore, experience and enjoy this great area.

Why Cascade Sotheby's Farm and Ranch? Experience. With a vast knowledge and expertise in representing and selling but also in owning and operating farms, ranches, equine and cattle facilities, our team has a very strong presence in this unique and diverse community. Diligent and educated on the zoning laws, water rights, irrigation districts and systems, they work closely with their peers as well as with county planners all over the state. Above all this team is passionate about the area. When asked what makes Central Oregon a place to call home…..they uniformly answered, "What doesn't make Central Oregon a place to call home?" To learn more about farms and ranches throughout the state contact The Desert Valley Group at Cascade Sotheby's International Realty.

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