Evacuated Skyliners residents return home

Residents who fled glad to be back home

Evacuated residents return home

BEND, Ore. - Residents at Skyliners Road west of Bend who had to be evacuated Saturday evening after the outbreak of the Two Bulls Fire finally were able to return to their homes.

"We were ready to be mobile within 10 to 30 minutes," Tim Peacock said Wednesday.

Residents of about 50 homes on Skyliners Road who were forced to flee when the Two Bulls Fire broke out.

"It's the scariest part about being out in the middle of the woods," Peacock said.

After leaving their homes behind in a hurry, Skyliners Road residents are relieved to be back.

"It was a really good feeling to just know, 'Oh, it's still all here,'" said Susan Mondry.

Many grabbed family photos and important documents, unsure of what would be left when they returned.

"You're just never sure -- I mean, we probably called the house probably 40 times during the few days that we were gone, just to check if the answering machine was still on. That meant the house was still there," Peacock said.

Most residents stayed with friends or family. After three nerve-wracking nights, now they're grateful to return home to a house still standing.

"On Saturday night, I was in my bedroom and was thinking, 'It would really be odd to not see this again,'" Mondry said.

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