Eugene thieves steal 2 sheriff's office uniforms from car

Residents warned to beware of police impersonators

EUGENE, Ore. - Two Marion County Sheriff’s Office uniforms were stolen when a car was broken into in the Eugene area on Wednesday, officials said.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office learned items taken from the vehicle included two pairs of green BDU (battle dress uniform)-style pants, two sheriff’s office badges, an empty weapon holster, two black polo shirts with the sheriff’s office insignia, a black fleece jacket, a nylon handcuff case and ASP (baton) holder and a black duffel bag that contained the uniforms.

Lane County sheriff’s Sgt. Carrie Carver said the items were stolen from a locked vehicle when the windows were busted out. The uniforms were in the duffel bag, she added.

The name of the vehicle owner and the location of the theft were not released.

But Carver said in a news release the theft “presents a safety issue for the community to have those items that identify law enforcement personnel in the wrong hands.”

“We encourage community members to beware of police impersonators as we investigate this theft,” she wrote.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office asked anyone with information about the theft to call 541-682-4141.

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