Heated Wehby-Conger Senate race nears finale

Scandals have arisen in closing days

Decision 2014: Wehby and Conger in heated race

BEND, Ore. - After months of campaigning, on Tuesday the race between Jason Conger from Bend and Monica Wehby from Portland for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate will come to a close.

After months of campaigning, tomorrow the race between Jason Conger from Bend and Monica Wehby from Portland for U.S. Senate will come to a close.

The heated race has captured national attention and has been full of scandals of late

First there was the Super PAC incident. One of the super PACs running anti-Conger ads was financially supported by none other than Wehby's ex-boyfriend, Andrew Miller.

Weeks later that name appeared again, this time Wehby was accused of stalking Miller. Then the official 911 tape surfaced.

"She's very, very upset and angry," Miller told 911 at the time. "She's been coming to my work place. She's been phoning inappropriately to my employees."

And then Wehby dodged questions and ran through a kitchen to hide from reporters after last Friday's City Club debate in Portland.

In the polls however, Wehby leads Conger.

She also has a big lead on campaign funding. Wehby has raised $1.2 million since she announced her campaign, while Conger has only raised $340,000.

According to NewsChannel 21 political analyst Jeff Eager, Conger's biggest problem in this election: his votes for Cover Oregon.

"It's the No. 1 issue for many Republican voters," Eager said Monday.

Republicans are hoping to snatch a Senate seat in the traditionally "blue" Oregon this fall, largely as a result of the Cover Oregon mess.

Conger voted in favor of Cover Oregon. He qualified his decision later, saying he wanted to a state run-exchange instead of the federal one.

"When you're running for office, especially in a high-profile Senate primary, you definitely don't want to have to explain your vote," Eager said.

Here is where the candidates stand on the issues:

Both Conger and Wehby oppose stricter gun control laws.

Conger is against abortion, except in cases of rape or incest. Wehby said she opposes abortion personally but believes the ultimate decision is between a woman and her family, not the federal government.

Wehby also said she has no problem with gay marriage, while Conger believes marriage is between a man and a woman. 

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