Survey sheds light on Oregon high schoolers' views

Some feel classes are too easy, seek out challenges

High school students survey

REDMOND, Ore. - Results of a survey conducted by DHM Research, released this week, revealed that more than a quarter of Oregon public high school students are unsatisfied with the education they're receiving.

It's always been a struggle: how to educate students with different abilities in public schools.

The survey of Oregon high school students shows some aren't satisfied with their education because they feel it's too easy.

Ridgeview High senior Austin Row said Wednesday he tries to challenge himself as much as possible with advanced placement classes.

"Any time you are in an environment with other kids that are looking for a challenge that you're looking for, it just is more conducive to learning, and I like that," Row said.

AP classes are offered at Ridgeview High for students like Austin, though not everyone's up to par. The survey says students think some of their peers are left behind.

Assistant Principal Jensine Lirette said Ridgeview tries to improve on its curriculum by training teachers weekly.

"I have worked in education for nearly a decade, and I have experienced where there are unfortunately people do slip through the cracks," Lirette said. "It's my job every single day to make that not happen for every single one of our kids."

Some of that training has been applied as teachers try to connect recent events with the curriculum to further engage students.

"I love that we have group discussions, and they incorporate some things from our time," said junior Aliyah Fermen. "They'll throw in things about Miley Cyrus that just gets the class laughing. Different things like that, they really keep up with the times."

Even though public schools can be strapped for resources, Row believes you get out what you put in.

"Personally, I think you can be very successful with what we have here," Row said. "We offer what you need, and if you take advantage of that, I think you can go places."

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