Redmond class grants $4,000 to non-profits

REDMOND, Ore. - Brown Education Center's Community 101 class granted $4,000 to local non-profit organizations Wednesday.

Community 101, based at the district's Edwin Brown Education Center, is funded through the Collins Foundation and the Oregon Community Foundation.  It is a classroom-based program that gives students the opportunity to get involved in their communities through grant making and volunteering.  

Brown Education Center has received the grant to pursue this program for three consecutive years.

The students learned and studied about non-profits and philanthropy as well as grant writing and review. The class issued a request for proposal for organizations to apply for grant funds.

Award recipients were selected based on their relation to the students' mission statement, which focused on enhancing the environment for recreational users.

"The Community 101 program has opened my student's eyes to the world of non-profit work and philanthropy," shared Greg Bridges, Program Advisor. "The sense of stewardship and interest in supporting organizations that are working to solve community issues has given purpose to the students and lets them know that they can be part of the solution. We are so thankful to the Oregon Community Foundation and the Collins Foundation for providing this life-changing program."

Local organizations that were awarded grants include:

As part of the program, Edwin Brown Educational Center was awarded $1,000 of the funds received through OCF. The school may use the funds for additional resources and materials.

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