Porsche Club funds teens 'skid car' training

BEND, Oe. - For the second year, the High Desert Porsche Club has set aside scholarship funds to enable area high school students to attend a Deschutes County's SkidCar training.

The $2,000 donated by the car club for scholarships enables 22 students to attend the training. Most have already attended a class this month, and the last student is scheduled to attend SkidCar on March 25.

The SkidCar can simulate the driving conditions of rain, ice, and snow, while allowing drivers to gain experience and confidence in a safe and controlled environment.

Like last year, the student selection process was through the High Desert Education Service District (HDESD) which facilitates the driver's education program for all of Central Oregon. Names were drawn from each of the area high schools.

Deschutes County offers SkidCar training classes seven-days-a-week, by appointment, with a maximum of three participants per class. Permitted drivers (age 15 and older) are welcome to take the course. Each class offers one hour of classroom instruction followed by three hours of hands-on driving.  Each graduate is provided with a letter and certificate of completion. Many insurance companies will offer premium discounts for completing the course.

Deschutes County would like to thank the High Desert Porsche Club for their generous contribution to the community, High Desert ESD for all their work in the selection process, and would like to give recognition to the County's excellent SkidCar staff.

Please visit for details about the Deschutes County SkidCar training program.

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