OSU-Cascades enrollment still on the upswing

14 percent more students taking spring-term classes

After seeing an enrollment increase of more than 60 percent over the past five years, Oregon State University - Cascades posted a 14 percent increase over the previous year in the number of students taking classes this spring term, with 766 students enrolled in junior, senior and graduate classes.

The growth is on track to meet the campus' projected expansion to serve 3,000-5,000 students by 2025. It reflects a 9 percent increase in full time equivalent enrollment* (FTE) over spring 2012.

An additional 250 dual-enrolled students are taking freshman and sophomore courses at Central Oregon Community College and planning to transfer to a degree program at OSU-Cascades.   In total, OSU-Cascades is serving 1,016 students this spring.

The deadline for students to apply for fall term is September 1.  Summer term applications are accepted through June 1.  For information about applying to OSU-Cascades, visit or call 541-322-3100

* Full-time equivalence (FTE) measures the total credit-bearing activity of a campus. The definition varies, depending on the level of the student. The full-time equivalent for an undergraduate is assumed to be 15 term credit hours (or 45 annual credit hours). For a master's and professional level students, the number is 12 credit hours (36 annual credit hours).

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