J Bar J Boys Ranch grad returns with message

Offers special words at Bend ranch, nearly 30 years later

BEND, Ore. - Knowing where you come from, and giving back to what made you who you are today, is a valuable trait. On Saturday, the teenage boys at the J Bar J Boys Ranch learned that lesson.

Rick Zinda, who graduated  from the ranch 29 years ago, came back to share a few words with the boys about how the ranch helped to shape him into who he is today.

Zinda was once a troubled youth, but is now a vice president of operations at Capitol One.

He shared hat no matter how bad it may get for the boys, ultimately they're in control over what happens next in their lives.

"Sometimes there are things that happen in our lives that ultimately we have the ability to overcome, " Zinda said. "And I really want to impress upon them that there are no obstacles they really can't get over, if they put their mind to it."

Zinda recently moved back to Oregon with his wife and five kids.

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