Drivers asked to stay off streets due to storm

Crews continue clearing after more snowfall

Drivers urged to stay off C.O. roads

BEND, Ore. - Getting around Central Oregon was a definite challenge Tuesday. The strong snowstorm had officials asking people to stay off the roads, if they could.

"Really, if you don't have to go anywhere -- some people do have to go; I get it -- but if you don't have to go, just don’t,” said Peter Murphy, Oregon Department of Transportation spokesman.

School cancelations and business closures meant fewer cars on the road. But while people were being asked to not travel if it wasn't necessary, some people couldn't avoid it. Dozens of truck drivers lined Highway 97 South, putting on chains as they left town.

"Same as it is every winter, -- just got to go slow," said trucker Chris Moore. "Got to increase the following distance. You know, pay attention,” said trucker Chris Moore.

Both ODOT and the city of Bend are continuing their 24-hour plowing, with every city crew and all equipment in use. Independent contractors also will be called in to plow residential streets.

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