Downtown Bend paving begins next Wednesday

To move south down Wall and Bond streets

Downtown paving to begin next Wednesday

BEND, Ore. - Downtown Bend will look a little different soon -- the city is repaving Wall and Bond streets, starting next Wednesday. They're starting where Bond meets Wall Street, and they'll finish down south at the twin roundabouts where Wall and Bond meet Industrial Way.

In between, it's expected to take about two days to get to Oregon Avenue.

"They're going to do half of Bond from Oregon up to Wall, and half of Wall Street from basically Vermont back up to Oregon," city Streets Supervisor Paul Neiswonger said Friday. "And then the next night, they'll do the other side."

The city will close off the downtown parts of Wall and Bend Sunday night. They're giving themselves about five days to finish downtown.

In addition to the streets, parking spaces on Wall on Bond are getting re-striped. The city is recommending a few places to park while they work on downtown.

"You can use the parking garage, the little side streets other than Bond and Wall streets," Neiswonger said. "Everything will be posted or ribboned and coned off, starting at about 6:30, 7 o'clock each night."

They're also bringing ramps up to new Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

This segment of the city's larger summer repaving project will cost about $600,000, with the entire project's cost is estimated at $2.7 million.

After this piece, the city will continue down Industrial Way to the Bond Street-Wilson Avenue roundabout, then move to Wilson Avenue from Ninth to 15th streets, Division from Reed Market Road to Third Street, Shepard Road from Neff Road to Wells Acres Road, then finally Morningstar Drive from Boyd Acres Road to 18th Street.

They're trying to finish all the projects by late August.

Click here for an interactive map of the project.

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