Don't plan to drive to Pilot Butte summit for eclipse

Road closed to vehicles; you can hike it, though

BEND, Ore. - Bend's Pilot Butte no doubt will be a grand viewing spot for the Aug, 21 eclipse -- as long as you lace up your hiking shoes, as the road to the summit will be closed to vehicles that Sunday and Monday, officials said Thursday.

Here's the full announcement::

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is closing the Pilot Butte summit road to public vehicle traffic on Sunday, August 20, and Monday, August 21, to improve visitor safety during the total solar eclipse event.

The eclipse is expected to bring over 200,000 people to the tri-county area.  “With limited parking on Pilot Butte’s summit we feel it is safest for all park visitors to close the road to vehicles leading up to and during the event,” states Park Manager Susan Bethers.  The eastside parking lot will remain open as long as parking space allows for visitors wishing to park and hike one of the trails to the summit.  We appreciate everyone’s patience during this monumental event!

Information is also on our website:  Search for Pilot Butte State Scenic Viewpoint and click the “General Advisory” header.

Pedestrians should be aware that official vehicles will be using the summit road during the closure.  We’d also like to remind visitors that no camping or overnight use is permitted at Pilot Butte and to please stay on the official trails at all times to help us reduce erosion and natural resource damage.

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