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Redmond pair prevent teen's bridge suicide

Father of 2 says he wanted boy to have second chance

Two citizens prevent teen suicide

REDMOND, Ore. - Last Thursday afternoon in Redmond, two men stopped a teen from potentially committing suicide from the Maple Avenue Bridge.

Jason Plant said Sunday he was on his way to lunch heading eastbound on the bridge and noticed a teen who looked distressed climbing the guard rail.

That's when he stopped and decided to see what was going on. He, along with another man he did not know, identified as Daniel Swain, also from Redmond, began talking with 16-year-old boy and eventually pulled him away from the guardrail, holding him until police showed up.

Police said later in a Facebook posting that they had received a call for a welfare check on the teen, who appeared to be leaning over or climbing on the railing. But before officers could arrive, they were told the 16-year-old may have tried to jump from the bridge and was now being restrained by two citizens.

Plant said he's not a hero, just a father with two kids.

"Somewhere this kid has parents, and I wanted this kid to have a second opportunity to be able to get the help that he needs," Plant said, offering advice to others: "If you see something that's unusual, or just doesn't look right or whatever, it doesn't hurt to ask a question: 'Hey how's it going?'"

Plant is a former firefighter and EMT, and said he's seen a number of suicides in the past, and just wanted to prevent another one from happening.

As for now, he hopes this experience will give the teen a second chance.

Police said the teen was taken to the hospital for further care. They also recognized the two men's efforts, which they said "were quick and saved someone from further harm. They acted selflessly and with compassion."

Nearly two years ago, at the same spot, two other men kept another man from jumping from the same bridge. That story can be read in the two articles linked to beside this one.

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