Deschutes County

Ditch burn escapes in wind east of Bend

Nearly nine acres blackened; safety tips offered

A property owner east of Bend who checked the burn information line Friday did a ditch burn Saturday – but by then, burning was closed due to expected winds, the fire escaped and nearly nine acres of fields and trees burned, officials said.

Bend firefighters responded around 3:20 p.m. Saturday to the escaped burn in an open field at 62205 Chickadee Lane, said Deputy Fire Marshal Dan Derlacki.

Arriving crews found a large field on fire and the flames spreading to adjacent trees, while owners and neighbors were working to put it out with buckets of water, Derlacki said. About a dozen firefighters were called out and contained the fire.

Burning was closed Saturday morning due to the threat of high winds, Derlacki said. The owner had called the burn information line Friday but did not call Saturday morning for the latest information.



Burn regulations: A copy of the current burn regulations shall be kept on site while burning. Digital copies are acceptable if downloaded to a device. Paper copies also available from all Bend fire stations.

City of Bend: No open debris burning is permitted within the city limits of Bend. Recreational fires for the purpose of warming, cooking or pleasure are still permitted as long as they meet the guidelines in the outdoor burning regulations for recreational fires. 

DCRFPD #2: Debris burning is permitted seasonally outside the City limits within the DCRFPD #2 as long as burning is open. Burning to open in DCRFPD #2 is open from the end of fire season, around October or November until the beginning of the following year's fire season, May or June.

Burn Permits: Field burning, piles larger than those described in the burn regulations or any special fires (bon fires, commercial burning, etc) require a burn permit issued by Bend Fire Department. If you need an agricultural, commercial, or bonfire burn permit issued by the Fire Department please call 322-6309.

Escaped burns: One of the leading causes of wildland fires in Oregon is escaped debris burns. Here are some keys to keeping your fire from escaping:

· Ensure you attend you fire at all times

· Don't burn on windy days

· Ensure combustibles are kept away from your fire (10 feet minimum)

· Fully extinguish before going in at night, fire should be cold to the touch

Have adequate tools and water near by while you burn in order to put the fire out

If you have questions or would like a free consult of your burning site, please feel free to contact the Fire Prevention Division of the City of Bend Fire Department at (541) 322-6309 to schedule your consult.

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