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Deschutes County seeks audit panel members

Deschutes County is looking for two residents to serve on the Deschutes County Audit Committee.  Please apply now.   We will keep the search open until the positions are filled.  The County will schedule applicant interviews as needed.

The Audit Committee is an advisory committee to the Board of County Commissioners that:

  • Provides oversight and coordination to auditing (external and internal) for the County,
  • Reviews and comments on the work plan for internal audits to be performed,
  • Discusses whether  further recommendations are needed to the Board,
  • Reviews provided audit reports and information on their own time to prepare for meetings.

The specific appointments will fill terms ending June 30, 2015 and 2016 and can be reappointed for subsequent two-year terms.

The Committee is comprised of seven to nine members, four to six members are public members and three are from County management.  Public committee members are asked to serve a two-year volunteer term and will not be reimbursed for their time.  The Committee meets approximately four times a year, usually on the second Thursday of March, June, September, and November from noon to 3:00 p.m.  If necessary, additional meetings may be scheduled.  Citizens with financial and/or local government experience are encouraged to apply. Additional audit committee information is available on the County's website at

To Apply:

Please submit of a letter of interest including qualifications and experience valuable to the Committee, and complete a Deschutes County Volunteer application.  The volunteer application packet is available on Deschutes County website or may be picked up from the Deschutes County Personnel Department at 1300 NW Wall Street, 2nd Floor, in Bend or call (541) 617-4722 to request one be mailed to you.

Applications are required and will be accepted until the positions are filled, and should be addressed to:

            Deschutes County Personnel Department

            P.O. Box 6005

            Bend, OR  97708-6005

For more information about the Deschutes County Audit Committee application process, please contact Deschutes County Internal Auditor David Givans at (541) 330-4674 or send email to  .

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