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DA's office marks Crime Victims' Rights Week

The Deschutes County District Attorney's Office will open the 2013 Nation Crime Victims' Rights Week with a ceremony honoring local champions of crime victims.  This year's theme- New Challenges, New Solutions- celebrates the spirit of these heroes.

Please join us in this year's opening ceremony conducted by District Attorney Patrick Flaherty that will take place on the front steps of the historic courthouse (grey building 1164 NW Bond, Bend) at 11:00 am on Monday 4/22. 

While we have made remarkable progress for crime victims in the last 30 years, we now face a host of new challenges as we strive to provide victim services for increasingly diverse populations (e.g., seniors, teens, immigrant populations) and victims of newly prevalent crimes (e.g., human trafficking and technology-related stalking and identity theft). 

Today all states have enacted crime victims' rights laws and established crime victim compensation funds.  More than 10,000 victim service agencies help victims throughout the nation.

April is also Child Abuse Awareness and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Other community events taking place the week of 4/21 – 4/27 are:

The Deschutes County Juvenile Community Justice will observe a moment of silence each day to highlight victim issues.  Detention staff with the help of a mental health worker will run a series of groups for detention youth every Sunday for one month, with a focus on developing awareness around victim rights and impacts. 

Saving Grace will host a Take Back the Night Event on April 24th at 6pm at the base of Pilot Butte State Park.  This is a celebration to make a difference by increasing awareness of how we can help stop violence.

For more information about Crime Victims' Rights Week, please call or stop by our office.

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