Deschutes County

Cougar sighting in Deschutes River Woods

One set of tracks; search fails to find it

BEND, Ore. - A Deschutes River Woods resident said she saw a cougar in her yard Monday morning, apparently feeding on a bird, sparking a fruitless search for the animal and a warning and reminders from authorities on what to do in such encounters.

Around 9:45 a.m. Deschutes County sheriff's deputies were dispatched to an address in the 19000 block of Shoshone Road in the DRW subdivision south of Bend regarding the sighting of a cougar in a woman's yard, said Lt. Kevin Dizney.

The woman said the cougar had been in her yard and was apparently feeding on a bird. Upon seeing human activity, the cougar walked away, she said.

Deputies searched the area but couldn't find the cougar, Dizney said.

"Tracks found in the area suggested there was only one cougar," Dizney said in a news release. "The area was searched extensively but the animal was not able to be located."

The sheriff's office offered reminders to the community:

Do not disturb dead animal carcasses, especially if you believe the animal may be a cougar kill.

If there are confirmed cougar sightings in your area such as this, do not walk your dogs at night in the area. It is recommended that residents keep outside lighting in the areas where livestock is present to help deter cougar attacks. Supervise children and pets that are outside, Dizney said.

There are many residential areas inside Deschutes County near rural settings in which wildlife is prevalent.

If and when a member of the community comes into contact with wildlife such as a cougar, do not run, but move slowly, keeping the animal in view as you move away from the area. If there is a perceived danger to the community please notify law enforcement as soon as possible.

"An employee with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife was contacted and apprised of this cougar activity," Dizney said.

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