Deschutes commissioner DeBone to seek third term

Goals include more jobs - and less summer smoke

La PINE, Ore. - Two-term Deschutes County Commissioner Tony DeBone, a Republican, announced Tuesday his re-election bid for a third term.

DeBone, who said he's been "a reasoned voice on the commission since 2011," emphasized the need for steady leadership in his announcement news relesae, which follows:

“Let’s talk about the issues and the solutions that will continue to keep Deschutes County a place where families can thrive, enjoy our rural outdoor lifestyle and participate in an environment that encourages positive economic growth. I am open and approachable, so please feel free to contact me. Call me at 541-728-3012 or email”

“As one of your Deschutes County commissioners, I have been successful in keeping the county on a sustainable financial course. We have met challenges in a thoughtful, common sense, deliberate manner while keeping the public informed and involved. Deschutes County is respected around the state for providing appropriate services in a cost effective manner. My life experience is a benefit in this leadership position.”

DeBone described three areas of critical importance to Deschutes County residents:

Economy and Family-Wage Jobs: “Deschutes County’s unemployment rate of 4% is very good. However, we need to always focus on diversifying our economy with more traded-sector jobs. I am the past president of EDCO (Economic Development for Central Oregon) and will continue to work hard to bring more family wage jobs to Deschutes County,”

Shaping an Affordable Community: “Simply put, it’s becoming more and more expensive for many county residents. County government needs to stay lean and look for ways to keep costs down for residents. I’ve pushed for efficient, low-cost building and planning processes to increase our housing stock, and worked closely with the City of Bend on expanding its urban growth boundary. I also voted to reduce the county’s property tax rate, which eases the cost of housing for residents,” DeBone said.

Summers with Less Smoke: “We can’t have another smoke-filled summer like this past summer. For seven years, I’ve worked with Project Wildfire to share information about creating and maintaining a fire resilient community, but even distant fires can create unhealthy air here. Federal forest management must be reformed to reduce the severity of fires. I’m excited to continue my work with Association of Oregon Counties and the Eastern Oregon Counties Association to advocate to our congressional delegation to expand the pace and scale of management to reduce the risk of fires to our health and property,” DeBone said.

Tony DeBone was elected to the Deschutes County Commission in 2010, and re-elected by a 10-point margin in 2014. Commissioner DeBone will continue his focus on groundwater monitoring and protection in the rural county.  The cost of installing and maintaining nitrate reducing septic systems in Southern Deschutes county is the issue that spurred his action to run for office in 2010.

DeBone lives with his wife Kathy in Rural Deschutes County between La Pine and Sunriver.

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