Deadly Ohio fair-ride crash puts spotlight on safety

Jefferson County Fair ride official offers insight

Fair thrill rides prompting safety...

MADRAS, Ore. - The Jefferson County Fair has kicked off in Madras, but as many people gear up for some family fun, a deadly accident in Ohio leaves some questioning if the rides are safe for their children.

The concerns were prompted after one person was killed and six other were injured on a ride at the Ohio State Fair after a thrill ride malfunctioned on Wednesday. 

For Tanaya Hunt, it's about taking her little girl to the county fair to enjoy the experience. 

"Taking her out to some kiddie rides like the Ferris Wheel and slow rides and show her a good time," Hunt said Thursday. 

Davis Amusement Cascadia has been operating carnival rides since 1939 and has been providing the rides at the Jefferson County Fair for over 20 years. 

Michael Davis, manager of the company, told NewsChannel 21 they go through a thorough process when it comes to inspecting the rides. 

"They have to be inspected by each state," Davis said. "They'll send out a representative on their behalf. Like we see in Ohio, there's an inspector on site. They look at all of the equipment, they're in touch with ride manufacturers and they have all a bullet-point checklist of things to look at in each machine."  

Davis said when the rides are overworked or not working properly, the company will pull them out of commission. 

According to The Associated Press, Oaks Park Amusement Park in Portland has shut down a thrill ride which is similar to one involved in the deadly accident, as a precautionary measure. 

Another company, Davis Shows Northwest will be operating the rides at the Deschutes County Fair which begins next week.

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