DCSO adds graffiti, trash online reporting service

Inmate work crews have been busy with cleanup

BEND, Ore. - The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office announced Wednesday a new online service to report incidents of graffiti and extensive litter.

Inmate work crews have been actively out in the community over the past couple weeks. painting over and removing graffiti from various buildings and walls, sheriff's Sgt. William Bailey said a news release. They have also been cleaning up large collections of litter from property throughout the county.

"So far, this program has been very successful, so we are now asking the public for their help," Bailey said.

"If you are aware of any specific locations where a building, fence or wall has been vandalized with graffiti, we would like to know about it. Or if you are aware of vacant property which has been littered extensively and is of need of cleanup, we would like to know about those locations also. Extensive litter is defined as being a large amount of trash or litter that would require an inmate work crew to clean up."

Bailey said most graffiti vandalism goes unreported for weeks or months and can lead to the decline of a neighborhood and/or increased criminal activity. Graffiti removed within a few days has been shown to significantly reduce the chance of reoccurrence.

He said the sheriff's office sees the benefit in removing graffiti and litter, and the benefit all citizens and visitors receive from such efforts.

Visit the website at and click on Reporting Graffiti under Quicklinks on their main page for more information.

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