Crook County residents get 'arrest warrant' scam calls

Sheriff's office says: Don't fall for it

PRINEVILLE, Ore. - A familiar scam has resurfaced in recent days in Crook County: A caller claims to be with the sheriff’s office or Prineville police, says a warrant is out for their arrest — and to pay up.

Both agencies have received several reports from area residents over the past few days, sheriff’s Sgt. Chris Estes said Tuesday.

Some callers have been a man with a noticeable accident, he said, and others have been automated calls.

Some of the callers claim to be from the sheriff’s office but others are reported to be from the FBI, Estes said. In nearly all of the cases, the numbers that show on Caller ID display a local phone number.

The callers say there is a warrant for the person’s arrest and request payment to avoid any further issues.

Estes said the calls are scams, as it’s not common practice for the sheriff’s office to call a citizen and advise them of a warrant over the phone.

In most cases, he said, the sheriff’s office will make such contacts in person, by a deputy in full uniform and with the proper credentials.

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