Crook County police, fire agencies in friendly 'no shave' competition

In support of prostate cancer awareness

Beginning November 1, the Crook County Sheriff’s Office, Prineville Police Department and Crook County Fire and Rescue entered into a friendly competition. 


In support of Prostate Cancer Awareness, the Sheriff’s Office and the Police Department allowed the staff at both agencies to grow beards/goatee’s for the month of November.  The Crook County Fire and Rescue members are not able to grow beards/goatee for safety reasons, but they are participating in growing mustaches.   


To participate in the “no shave November,” members had to donate $20 to grow facial hair.  At the end of November, Sheriff John Gautney, Chief Dale Cummins, and Chief Matt Smith will pick the best beard/mustache for their agency.  The winner of the best beards in 2016 were Sergeant Ryan Seaney of the Crook County Sheriff’s Office and Officer James Young of the Prineville Police Department. 


The Crook County Sheriff’s Office in partnership with the Crook County Veteran’s Affairs office located a local veteran that suffers from prostate cancer.  All of the money raised during this fund raiser will be given to the veteran.  In 2016 we were able to raise $675.00 to help a local veteran in Crook County.  This is a positive way for Crook County emergency services to give back to the community.  

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