Paulina country music festival gets to double capacity

Late-June event part of busy Crook County summer

Festival increases maximum capacity

PAULINA, Ore. - The four-day Lazy Rockin' Stirrup Country Music Festival in Paulina has been approved to more than double its maximum capacity.

“(The organizers) came in originally for 3,500 people and they moved up to 7,500 recently,” Crook County Judge Seth Crawford said Monday.

Paulina has a population of around 70. Event organizers upped the attendance request when they were able to book bigger acts than expected. The lineup includes comedian Jeff Foxworthy and country artist Chase Bryant.

Crawford said people living in the community have expressed concerns over things like traffic, fire and trespassing, but the county is ready for the festival, which kicks off June 29.

"We talked with our emergency manager, our sheriff and road department. They've been working closely with the producers of the show,” he said.

Bill Zelenka, the county's director of community development, said organizers have met the criteria for approval.

"They not only have their fire crew, but they've contracted with a medical service facility (and) an emergency service crew,” he said, “The sheriff is actually posting and will have deputies there throughout the whole event, and they're actually staging up there.”

Zelenka said if things go smoothly, this could become an annual event, but organizers would have to reapply for a permit.

More information on the Lazy Rockin' Stirrup Country Music Festival can be found by clicking the link below.

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