Crook County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue is an all-volunteer unit whose responsibility it is to provide Search and Rescue services to people using the back country and recreational areas of Crook County and serve as a supplemental resource for other counties. 

Examples of missions are lost hikers and hunters, missing snowmobilers and bikers, and water rescues and recoveries.  The majority of the deployments occur within the Ochoco National Forest and the area of the Bureau of Land Management.

Successful applicants to Search and Rescue will have no criminal record or major traffic violations (minor infractions may not be disqualifying, depending on their nature).  Those who want to be part of the field operational team will be in good physical condition with the ability to hike on moderately inclined forest trails wearing a pack. 

All applicants will have to be able to work as a team, be reliable, possess a high degree of integrity, and be comfortable in the backcountry in all types of weather.  Most importantly, they must have a genuine desire to help others.  They must be able to make a modest investment in clothing and equipment.  They must be able to attend meetings in the evening once a month (the last Thursday of every month at 6 pm) and must try to participate in most of the missions. 

All appointees are expected to attend a minimum amount of mandatory training in the first year and refresher trainings during each year thereafter.  Applicants need not have special expertise but must be willing to learn Search and Rescue and medical techniques.

The successful applicant must be willing to be wet, cold, hot, tired, and hungry to assist the Search and Rescue team and the client.  There are, of course, certain rewards in Search and Rescue, such as excellent backcountry training, association with a great group of men and women with common objectives, and finding or rescuing someone in trouble.

Search and Rescue recruits and selects members once a year in order to provide training in a coordinated group setting.  All new appointees can expect to be utilized on Search and Rescue missions under the supervision of experienced members. Applications are available at the Crook County Sheriff’s Office or on our website at, questions can be answered by calling 447-6398.