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Syria Kobani

Mark Farmer/CNN

ISIS set to take Kobani, score huge land grab

Intense street fighting raged in the Syrian city of Kobani Monday as ISIS came closer to capturing a key area on the border with Turkey.

ISIS fighters planted their flag on a hill on the eastern side of Kobani, then punched through defenses to open up...

Operational video of strike against ISIS

U.S. Central Command

Islamist rivals in Syria find a common enemy

U.S. and allied airstrikes in Iraq and Syria are changing the battlefield below. The Pentagon sees progress, even if it's a slog. But there may be unintended consequences of the air campaign -- in a way that will give the West yet another headache.


Kurd fighters

Ivan Watson/CNN

Official: 3 Americans fighting with Kurds

Three Americans are fighting alongside Kurdish forces against the Islamic State terror group in northern Syria, a spokesman for the Kurdish group told CNN on Thursday.

One of the Americans was identified by the Kurdish People's Protection Units, also ...

Syria Homs map


Syrians angry after dozens of children killed

Residents of one of Syria's most war-ravaged cities demanded answers Thursday after a pair of devastating explosions killed dozens of children.

The bloodshed Wednesday spurred mourning residents to demand the ouster of the Homs governor and his assist...

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Syrian Arab News Agency

Report: Assad says Russian plan prompted weapons move

Syria's decision to place its chemical weapons arsenal under international control was the result of Russia's proposal rather than the threat of a U.S. military strike, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told a Russian TV channel Thursday.

John McCain playing poker


McCain caught playing poker in Syria hearing

Sen. John McCain, perhaps the Senate's most outspoken voice in favor of military action in Syria, was caught playing poker Tuesday at the first congressional hearing about giving the president authority to use force in the war-torn country.

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Timeline: A history of sarin

scientist doing experiment, medicine, chemistry

iStock / AlexRaths

A United Nations report due out Monday is expected to say say the perpetrators of last month's chemical weapons attack in Syria had up to 350 liters of sarin gas Look back at the history of sarin, a man-made nerve agent.

Crisis in Syria: What you need to know

Syria protest, opposition flag

Majed Jaber / Reuters

As the U.S. considers a military strike in Syria, take a look at some of the key things to know about the conflict and the country.

Crisis in Syria Video


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