Police offer details in Ridgeview teen sex case

Amanda Hinshaw accused of sex with minor, furnishing alcohol

RVHS campus monitor out of jail

REDMOND, Ore. - As a campus monitor at Redmond's, Ridgeview High School, Amanda Hinshaw's job is to keep an eye on kids between classes.

Redmond police Capt. Brian McNaughton described to NewsChannel 21 on Wednesday what the duties of a campus monitor are, as it's not the same thing as a school resource officer.

"They are just kind of another set of eyes in the hallways and in the school, just to have an adult presence," McNaughton said.

But police believe the 28-year-old took advantage of her relationship with the students.

"There's really nothing you can do about someone who's going to commit a crime," McNaughton said. "The important thing is how you react when you find out about it."

Last week, an anonymous tip to Ridgeview's principal, Lee Loving, put police into action, and immediately put Hinshaw on paid administrative leave.

"They acted very fast to protect the children of the school," McNaughton said.

Through several interviews, detectives say they discovered Hinshaw had sex with a 16-year-old boy from Gilchrist.

"Females can also commit sex crimes, and in this case, we have one that did commit a sex crime," McNaughton said.

Because the boy is a minor, police won't say how he and Hinshaw met or what their relationship is, but are worried there could be other victims.

"If that is the case, we would obviously like to know, and we would take care of it," McNaughton said.

Detectives asked anyone with further information to call them at the Redmond Police Department, at is 541-504-3400.

Tuesday morning, police arrested Hinshaw at her home, the same place they say she threw parties for kids and gave them beer and liquor. Now, she's charged with multiple counts of giving alcohol to teens.

"The six counts, I believe, are for six people being involved, and I do believe it happened on more than one occasion," McNaughton said.

Hinshaw faces one felony count of second-degree sex abuse, which could put her behind bars for years.

"I don't think she's going to be out there looking for prey," McNaughton said.

But for now, she is out of jail, Hinshaw posted 10 percent of her $20,000 dollar bail just hours after her arrest.

Police said they want to make clear the alleged sex abuse victim doesn't go to Ridgeview High School, although the teens Hinshaw is suspected of providing alcohol to do attend the new school in Redmond.

Hinshaw is scheduled to make her first court appearance on Dec. 27.

Meanwhile, Michael Bremont, the former director of the Redmond Proficiency Academy, is due in court next week; he's expected to be sentenced to 19 months for sexually abusing a student.

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