Oregon AG boots telemarketer out of state

'The Tax Club' agrees to pay restitution to victims

SALEM, Ore. - Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum announced an agreement Friday that prohibits The Tax Club, Inc. and associated companies and individuals from telemarketing their products and services to Oregonians.

She said the defendants also agreed to pay full restitution to any of their Oregon customers who complain to the attorney general's office.

Rosenblum said the telemarketers used deceptive, high-pressure tactics to sell products and services purportedly designed to assist people in building small businesses from their homes. 

"Victims spent thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars for individualized services such as tax preparation, business planning and counseling, and credit development," the attorney general said. "In most cases, victims received nothing for their money.  If services were provided, victims complained that they were not tailored to the relevant business and were essentially useless."

The defendants did not admit any wrongdoing.

"This is another victory in my office's aggressive campaign to protect Oregonians from telemarketers trying to dupe Oregonians with ‘work-at-home' scams," Rosenblum said.  "It's also a good reminder to hang up on any telemarketer trying to pressure you into one of these so-called ‘opportunities.'" 

Prior actions against Aflac Assist, LLC  and Southwest Marketing Partners similarly resulted in agreements to pay restitution and cease doing business in Oregon.

Oregonians who believe they are entitled to restitution from The Tax Club, Inc., Manhattan Professional Group, Inc. (which does business as Successful Planning Group, All Access Books and Ikongo), 5410, Inc. (which does business as The Success Online, Prestige Financial and My Business Credit Builder), or Ikongo, Inc. can file a complaint with the attorney general by visiting or by calling 877-877-9392.

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