Bike thefts on rise: How not to be a victim

Lock them up right, close that garage

Bike thefts heat up in summer

BEND, Ore. - Bike thefts are common in Bend, especially now that it is officially summertime. In the wake of a string of thefts that led to the arrest of four teen boys, a bike owner taught NewsChannel 21's Samantha O'Connor the basics of locking up your bike.

"I've seen some pretty silly mistakes," Matt Snow, co-owner of Hub Cyclery in downtown Bend sad Monday. "You want to make sure you get around the main frame of the bike."

But pay close attention, because if you lock up you seat or rear wheel, those things can be easily removed.

So, with a simple click, you should be good  to go. But what about bikes in a garage?

"A lot of people just peruse the streets, looking for an open garage. Later on, they might try to just help themselves," Snow said.

That's exactly what happened on Friday. Four juveniles, aged 13 to 15, were arrested on charges they stole six unlocked bikes from a quiet neighborhood in northeast Bend.

In this case the boys fessed up, but it's still always a good idea to keep a record of your bike's serial number.

"There always needs to be a way to prove that it was yours. Anyone can claim it," Snow said.

Now that the sun is shining and it's better bike weather, be smart.

"Lock up your bike, keep it locked up," Snow said. "Keep an eye on it. Keep it in your garage, out of sight. Don't leave your garage open."

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