Bend man recounts finding deer shot with arrow

OSP seeks info; $500 reward offered for tip

Bend man recounts finding poached deer

BEND, Ore. - "He was sitting right here where the grass is kind of ruffled," said Kevin Woog, who is no stranger to seeing deer on his property off Duncan Lane in southwest Bend.

"They come and they really like this neighborhood," Woog said Tuesday.

One particular buck stands out in his mind.

"Its coloring was a little different, just a beautiful grayish color. Its markings were more pronounced. It was very large, with a huge rack," Woog added.

Early Monday morning, Woog's dog started barking at something on the side of the house.

"I walked over, like what's going on? And that's when I saw this unbelievable deer. I got about five feet away from it  --and then I saw this arrow sticking through its stomach, and then it was coming out the other side of its stomach."

Someone had shot the deer with an arrow -- and it was still alive.

Woog called police, who assessed the situation and ended up having to put the deer down.

"It is possible for a deer to run off after it's been shot, particularly with an arrow, but also a rifle," said ODFW District Wildlife Biologist Corey Heath. "And it doesn't matter whose property its on -- it's not lawful to hunt inside city limits."

Some have questioned whether the deer was actually shot legally outside city limits and then ran into town.

We are in the middle of archery (bowhunting) season, but officials working the case say it's about 4-5 miles from Woog's property to the nearest legal hunting property, and the buck wouldn't have made it.

"With the injury that occurred to this deer, it was not shot outside the city limits of Bend," said OSP Sgt. Lowell Lea. "The deer didn't travel very far after it was hit, due to the severity of its injuries."

Woog agrees, and says someone needs to be punished.

"It was a horrible shot. I don't think a good hunter would have taken that shot," he said. "Poaching is something I am completely against, and I think it was completely senseless."

Police say unfortunately, the meat was unsalvageable.

If you know anything about this crime, a $500 reward is being offered. Call the Turn in Poachers hotline at 1-800-452-7888.

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