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Bend burglars steal pricey bike

Two other Pine Mtn. Sports bikes left behind

Crime Stoppers: Burglar steals pricey bike

BEND, Ore. - Pine Mountain Sports owner Dan McGarigle was greeted at his cycling and outdoor sports shop Wednesday morning by a smashed front door, and stolen high-end bikes.

"My thought is that the people that actually came into our store merely grabbed the most expensive-looking thing they possibly could find and ran as fast as they could," he said.

The burglars ditched two of the bikes but made off with one, and police need your help in finding it, and whoever stole it.

Police say this kind of crime is more common during the summer.

"Sometimes at 3 in the morning, we'll see large amounts of people walking around town, when normally during winter you wouldn't see that type of activity," said Bend police Lt. Chris Carney.

McGarigle said this has only happened one other time in Pine Mountain's 13-year history.

"Normally, we're surrounded by a great, supportive community that we spend our time and actively engage with, and they tend to respect us," he said. "But unfortunately, once in a while, somebody else has a different agenda."

Police say to keep your eyes open, as stolen property like this --- a bright, tennis ball yellow Santa Cruz on a very small frame -- can be easy to spot.

"These people go on Craigslist and try to sell them," Carney said. "They go to parks and try to sell them to other people."

McGarigle says the incident won't change his day much, with a temporary door and a handwritten sign.

"You know, where it's disheartening, I have to admit, doing this as long as we have, these types of things happen" he said.

If you have any information regarding the case, you're asked to call Bend police at 541-322-2960.

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