BEND, Ore. -

It's designed to get more Americans healthy -- but the process seems to be anything but.

"It's just a mess," Bend resident Ric King said Friday about the latest Obamacare delays and  the problems with Cover Oregon.

"I got a 30 days notice that my deductible was going up and it was restarting," said Bend resident Kathie Lustig.

Even those who know the law best are having trouble with the changes.

"It's challenging, to say the least," said insurance broker Jerry Jackson.

President Obama announced Thursday that insurance companies could sell plans that don't comply with Obamacare for one more year -- but about 145,000 Oregonians already have received letters of cancelled policies.

And many are wondering: Now what?

"Both the insurance carrier and the (state insurance) commissioner would have to be able to file rates to extend coverage to make that available," Jackson said.

Late Friday afternoon, Oregon's insurance commissioner announced insurance companies will be able to extend health plans to 2014.

But it's getting late in the year.

"Normally, they file six months before," Jackson said.

Add the mess of Cover Oregon into the mix -- not a single online enrollment processed online, and the program's director put on notice.

"Every day gets more and more confusing," King said. "I mean they roll out the dates for this, and move this back."

Insurance agents like Jackson are scrambling to get people started on Cover Oregon's paper applications -- and if you haven't got started yet, Jackson says don't wait any longer -- the paper trail is a long process

"Cover Oregon basically has up to 45 days before they'll send out an eligibility packet," Jackson said.

From Washington to Salem, a double-blow to those who can't risk their coverage in limbo.

"I have a lot of complicated medical issues. I don't know what's going to happen Jan. 1st," Lustig said.

How could these delays to Obamacare  affect your wallet?

Insurance agents NewChannel 21 spoke with said rates could go up -- but that's still up in the air.