Cove Palisades eclipse campsite auction raises $60,000

For Oregon State Parks Foundation

SALEM, Ore. - The Oregon State Parks Foundation announced Tuesday that its online silent auction of 30 campsites at the Crooked River Campground in the Cove Palisades State Park in Central Oregon raised $60,000 in support of Oregon's state parks. 

Bids for the four night campground spaces averaged $500 a night. The auction attracted attention and bidders from across the country, although the winners were all from the West Coast, with the exception of one winner from New York. 

"Many people are not aware that the Oregon's state parks are not funded by state taxes," foundation Executive Director Seth Miller said. "Instead, visitor fees are the primary source of income, and a fixed portion of the Oregon Lottery revenues covers about 40 percent of the cost of operating the parks. Unfortunately, these sources of funds are not keeping up with the growing costs, so the foundation was formed to help enhance the experience of using the parks." 

Funds raised by this event support the Oregon State Parks Foundation, and enable it to support programs to encourage healthy activities and outdoor education, and increase access to the parks by under-served communities. 

You can help too, become member of the Foundation for only $45 a year...and you will get a FREE one year parking pass as a thank you! 

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About the Foundation 

The Oregon State Parks Foundation was formed in 1995. It is the only statewide non-profit partner of the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department. Our mission is to enhance and preserve the experience of using Oregon's 255 State and for future generations. 

Since 1995, the Foundation has supported many vital projects such as restoring Vista House at Crown Point, helping to renovate five Oregon Lighthouses, preserving the Kam Wah Chung & Co Museum, and putting the first yurts in State Parks anywhere in the country. The Foundation is just completing a capital campaign to build a residential outdoor school facility at the Cottonwood Canyon State Park.

We strive to connect all Oregonians with their State Parks, to enrich the visitor experience through interpretation and education, and to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

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